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Metrics/Prove ROI/Add SEO checking & grading functionality

One of the many benefits of content marketing is the SEO juice it provides to get extra traffic to your website. ClearVoice provides an incredible platform for getting good content created, but could be even more awesome if it gave the hiring companies the option to put in keywords they would like to rank for, and then as the writers create the content inside of CV it could grade the content on the SEO friendliness of the article. Yoast is the poster child of this kind of thing inside of Wordpress. CV could potentially take its inspiration from what Yoast has done.

I could see a feature like this helping improve the articles for the buyers, and also ensure that the writers are writing their posts inside of the CV platform (instead of copy/pasting from Microsoft Word). That would further CV's business plan as I'm sure the powerful software you are creating is one of your strength points.

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  • Jan 23 2017
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