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Add "Add Comment" to "In Progress" status of writing assignment

Writer User Story:

  • As a writer, I need to interpret directions from the strategist.
  • As a writer, sometimes I need to make an educated guess on the strategist's directions or I have an interesting take on their directions
  • I want to be able to add a "Comment" to specific text to give context to my interpretation or different take on the instructions


Editor/Strategist User Story

  • As an editor/strategist, I would like some context or explanation for why the writer went the direction they went with their writing style
  • As an editor/strategist, having context will help me to better evaluate their writing decisions and interpret whether their writing decision will fit with our brand
  • As a Strategist/Editor, to make this easier I would like the writer to leave a comment (sticky note) on the particular text so that I can properly evaluate their decision 
  • Chris Nordman
  • Dec 14 2017
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