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Adjust Agency Workflow to Work Like ClearVoice's Internal Team's Workflow

We have a very efficient workflow in-house that would be great to mirror in the Agency edition of ClearVoice. The workflow is as follows:

Concept/mini-outline creation-->Concept/mini outline pitched to Client -->Client approves/rejects/gives feedback that the team uses to adjust the mini-outline-->Client approves mini-outline (Approval button to go here) -->Outline dispatched to a writer --> Article in Production --> Article Submitted Awaiting Editing -->Polished article sent to Client (second approval button goes here along with Revision requested/send back to editor button). Then once the article is finished it should go into a folder/campaign where all finished work goes (that's what the clients request we do now and something we do across the board for all clients).

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  • Feb 13 2018
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  • Michael Brewer commented
    13 Feb 18:23
    • A status for those moments when we want to pay the writer, but the content hasn't yet been approved by the client... "Writer Paid and Awaiting Client Approval"