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Make writer stats visible to client

As a brand or agency, I review a writers portfolio before I assign them to work to ensure they have the talent to complete it

As a brand or agency, I have hired writers based on their portfolio but run into issues during the creation process (ie assignment is late, the writer does not follow instructions or writer is not as skilled as their portfolio suggests)

As a brand or agency, I would like to pick a writer not only on portfolio but past performance.  If I have a tight deadline then I do not want to pick a writer that consistently is late.  Sometimes I do not care if the assignment is late but other times there is no wiggle room.

As a brand or agency, I would like to see the writer's assignments worked, completion rate, avg grade, perfection rate and on-time rate in their ClearVoice account.  I have attached the two places I would like to see these scores.

Assignment worked will give me insight into how familiar they are with ClearVoice and will give me a sense of trust when combined with avg rating

Completion Rate will let me know how honorable they are with fulfillment vs how many times do they flake or need to be taken off due to bad performance 

On-time Rate how likely will I get the assignment back at the date and time I need it. 

  • Chris Nordman
  • Mar 8 2018
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