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There should be an option to reduce payments to writers who do not meet deadlines

As a high volume agency, we have a lot of content in production at any given time. We count on our Marketplace talent to deliver on-time. 

There have been a few occasions recently where a writer didn't reach the original deadline, but was able to get something in a day or two later. I still appreciate the content, and think someone should get paid for getting the work done, and I definitely don't think that they should get unfairly punished for a simple deadline miss.

However, if someone is still getting paid full-price after missing a deadline, there's really no incentive for making the deadline in the first place. Maybe something like "10% of writer fee will be deducted after first day past the deadline" or whatever is fair should be applied.
  • Brian Driggs
  • Mar 19 2018
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