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Add Robust "Track Changes" Functionality

I know it's probably non-trivial to build, but I'd recommend adding more robust change tracking to the list of planned CV features.

One reason we're excited about ClearVoice is the ability to have multiple editors working on content drafts and immediately managing them into our content workflow. Prior to CV, we just spun up a Google Doc for everything (and I mean *everything*, from blog posts to press releases) that we wanted to write and invited collaborators.  While that was super inefficient, it did have the advantage of letting everyone see/accept/reject proposed changes, comments on specific sections, etc. That one "killer feature" was the reason we did content creation there for so long.


  • Allow editors/writers to suggest edits (as with Google Docs "Suggesting" mode).  
  • Allow editors to accept or reject edits suggested by others.
  • Allow comments on specific sections of text, in addition to in the chat.  (as with CTRL+ALT+M in Google Docs)
  • When looking at a draft version of an assignment, maybe there's a toggle to show what's changed since the previous version (i.e. Show me the suggestions from the last draft that were accepted for this draft).
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  • Mar 19 2018
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  • Kayla Tarantino commented
    July 18, 2018 15:04

    Or provide integrations with something that does this! It's essential to my editorial process as well, so I do 90% of my editing outside ClearVoice which I'd love to just stay within the platform.