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AirTable Integration

Our client Supermoney would like us to create an integration for this use case. Full email attached 

Use Case: 

  • Managing Editor plus a team of freelance writers and editors use ClearVoice to create content
  • Product Manager is using AitTable to organize the information architecture of the site
  • PM has organized each section of the site into "hubs" 
  • Users use the "hubs" to navigate the site and find appropriate articles and content.  This content is created on CV
  • PM now needs to figure out which "hubs" need new content or need a content refresh 
  • PM is having a difficult time communicating with ME which content is a high priority and to see the status of each piece of content  


  • Flag (importance) content in AirTable and pass along to CV
  • Assignment Status
  • Assignment Details (Subject Line, Writer name, Creation Date, Due Date)
  • Sync content calendar 
  • Chris Nordman
  • Aug 28 2018
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