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Side-by-Side View (Different Assignments)

Has there ever been any consideration put into being able to view two assignments simultaneously? As an editor, this would be incredibly useful for continuity’s sake. Instead of having to go digging in past assignments, I could align a completed assignment with an in-progress one and make sure the headings (size and case), the style, the tone, the structure (bullet points or dashes, e.g.), etc. are consistent throughout all content.

I was trying to think if that feature would be useful to DIY customers (probably not so much). It really depends on how granular clients are about the structure/style of their content. Perhaps they know how they want it to look because they are the sole editor. However, agencies that use more than one editor and have multiple clients would find this the most useful. It might be something worth polling. Perhaps there are other advantages to lining up more than one assignment, e.g. drawing comparisons/distinctions that could be passed on to writers/editors with concrete details highlighted (Example: “In assignment A, the writer nailed the tone in [sample sentence]. However, in assignment B, the writer was a little too technical and not informal enough here: [sample].")

Quite honestly, these things could be included in the guidelines. However, they seldom are (especially because they’re so specific; and who has time for that?)

  • Lucas Wolfe
  • Feb 20 2019
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