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Optimize the review, edit and approval pages to mobile


  • Given that we are offering managed services and inviting Agency's clients into the platform we should have a simple and easy way for these approvers to review, edit and approve the content that is created for them.  
  • These people are asking their agency or us to manage the production of the content so they can accomplish other tasks.  
  • This will lead them to want to quickly review, edit and approve on the fly on their mobile device
  • We should create a mobile-optimized experience that only serves the purpose of reviewing, adding comments and approving 
  • This way when they get notified, they click on a link that takes them directly to the content
  • Then they review, add comments and/or approve then move on to the rest of their day.


To add to this, it is technically a service we promote in our promotional video:  So you can imagine when clients are surprised that we are not optimized for mobile

  • Chris Nordman
  • May 12 2017
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