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A 3-tiered "Approvals World" that is clients' one-stop-shop for all approvals

The most frequent problem we see with clients is that they do not know:
1. Where to find things to approve

2. That they have anything waiting for them to approve in the first place

Due to this, Michael and I believe it would be a great idea to have a single place in ClearVoice called "Approvals World" where clients can approve concepts, influencers and final content. Also, it would be great if from this view, clients could be prompted to make a decision as to whether they'd like a generalist to write an article or a SME. If they choose the latter, it would be great if they could then be prompted to run a marketplace search. This would be a great way to push all the generalist stuff through straight away for a faster turnaround time. Plus, this could potentially even eliminate or replace many subject-matter-expert related dialogue that really tends to slow projects down. 

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  • Sep 14 2017
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  • Michael Brewer commented
    September 14, 2017 19:20

    I've heard many clients express confusion over what needs their attention. All they need to see is what's pending approval. While clients would love this, I think agencies would stand to benefit just as much.